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Amber Sunset Bonsai Tree

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This Beautiful Amber Orchid Bonsai Tree has 130 lights and flowers. Flexible branches make it simple to arrange. Comes with an attached 16 foot cord and a transformer.Illuminate your environment with the soft, warm glow of our lighted Amber Sunset Bonsai Tree .Our Illuminated lights are inspired by natures majestic beauty!

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 Amber Sunset Bonsai Tree

The Amber Sunset Bonsai Tree illuminates your environment with a soft warm glow. Our Illuminated lights are inspired by natures majestic beauty! We use only the highest quality bulbs that last a lifetime…. These unique, flexible branches feature numerous flowers and bulbs along the stems. There is an amazing combination of elegance and soft radiance given from this unique lighting. They simply create a gorgeous and eye-catching ambiance to any décor. Our illuminated Amber Sunset Bonsai Tree is an exceptional finishing touch for any room. It  adds a touch of “art” to any room with its design of color and texture. It is fitting for any area in your home or business. You will see the unique ambient quality of this Zen- like lighting. The elegant Amber Sunset Bonsai Tree can also be placed in an open cabinet for a natural appeal.

The illuminated Amber Sunset Bonsai Tree makes a stunning center piece for a foyer or buffet! These inspiring lights make gorgeous wall décor when placed on a shelf. These rich colored orchid flowers and lights make the atmosphere relaxing.  Illuminated lights are also perfect for gift giving for birthdays, weddings, anniversary’s, house warming, baby showers and more. They are exceptional for parties and events….. Whether it’s a  holiday gathering, a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or a quince, these special lights exhibit your expression. They transcend light and life to any  setting . 


This Beautiful illuminated bonsai tree has 130 lights and flowers. Flexible branches make it simple to arrange. Comes with 16 foot cord and transformer  

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 39 x 6 x 6 in